Volume Purchases



"When your customers want your book in bulk, save them time and money and send them to Michael Fox. Responsive, helpful, and professional, Michael will give them a great deal and get your books into their hands on time and without issue. He's my go-to guy." Jody Stevens, Chief of Staff, The Tapscott Group

The Joseph Fox Bookshop offers extremely competitive volume discounts of orders of 100 or more copies of the same title to authors, individuals, institutions, and businesses on a non-returnable basis. Authors--or their clients--who need books for private events or speaking engagements are invited in particular to take advantage of this service. Books are also an excellent way for a business to educate employees, or to say "Thank you!" to clients and customers. Read more...


Book Cover for Book Cover for The Challenger Sale. Two cartoon figures bloom word bubbles that have bi-sected one another.Book Cover for Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates. A portrait of the president looms in the high corner of the cover while below him, a cloud of smoke dissipates to reveal a naval battleBook Cover for Blockchain Revolution. Little building blocks are placed strategically about a blank cover.Book Cover for JFK and the Regan Revolution.Book Cover for Playing Big