Frequently Asked Questions

How do I shop online at Joseph Fox?

Please navigate to

You can either use the search bar or browse the sections listed, which represent a selection of the books we have available in store and through our distributor.


Is everything on the website available in store?

No; our online selection represents both what we carry in store and what we can potentially order from our distributors and publishers. If you are looking for books on a deadline, we recommend filling out the following form so we can tailor our recommendations to your needs:

You can also reach us by email <> and phone (215-563-4184), if you are wondering about a particular book’s availability.


When should I expect to receive a shipped package?

Shipping services have been experiencing severe delays given the COVID-19 pandemic, so we cannot guarantee when shipments will arrive. We encourage placing orders as early as possible to account for potential delays. We will include tracking information when completing online orders.  If packages have not arrived 6 weeks after they were shipped from the store, please call 215-563-4184 or email


Can I shop with a group?

Given the limited space we have in store, we highly recommend shopping alone or sending one representative to shop in store. We will try to accommodate groups when we can, but can’t guarantee entry when there are significant numbers of people waiting.


Is there a bathroom in the store?

There is no bathroom available to the public.


Will you gift wrap my books?

We are happy to offer complimentary gift wrapping services. However, to limit the amount of time each customer waits in store, we recommend ordering your books online at or over the phone at 215-563-4184, and we will have your gift-wrapped order ready for pickup.


Do you buy books?

No. We recommend reaching out to Brickbat Books.


Do you accept book donations?

No. We recommend reaching out to The Book Corner.