A Letter to My Grandchildren (Paperback)

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This book truly is a 'letter' (albeit a long one) to the author's grandchildren, ages 12 to 22. But it is not a "children's book," either in subject matter or in style. It is personal in that the author reflects on his own personal experiences while growing up and later in his life and he is clearly talking to people he knows and loves. It is also personal in the sense that it deals with issues of great importance to people who are going through their formative years. But it is not a book of advice or admonition. Rather, it raises questions for the kids to ponder. It pushes them to think outside the boxes of their (and their peer's) common concerns and it does so in the context of some of the most profound issues we face as humans.

About the Author

George M. Brockway, Ph.D. (Philosophy, Univ. of Wisconsin) Dr. Brockway spent many years in the classroom both here in the U.S. and in Switzerland, making Philosophy and other subjects come alive for his students. Initially trained as a Jesuit, he has read deeply in the classics and the Philosophy of Religion, especially, in recent years, in the area of Buddhist studies. Dr. Brockway also spent time in the private sector, first as an administrator of a medical clinic and then as a stock broker and investment consultant in the financial industry. He finished his professional career back in a university classroom teaching Comparative Religions, Logic and Philosophy. His broad experience and keen interest in teaching give his writing a very practical and down-to-earth bent.
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ISBN: 9781728308098
ISBN-10: 1728308097
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2019
Pages: 80
Language: English