Good Luck for Leneve: Chasing Adventures and Love (Paperback)

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A year of letters follow a young woman's correspondence over an eleven month period. She received a scholarship to attend New York University's (NYU) graduate program to earn a Master in Retailing Science. Her journey began by almost missing the bus from Monmouth, Oregon to catch the train in Eugene, Oregon, onto Oakland, California, and running to catch the Treasure Island1 ferry to the World's Fair in August of 1939. Finding the last available seat, she never would have expected to sit next to the man who would change the course of her future, bringing her love and good luck. The personal writings found in the following pages were written by the young woman, and by the man she met on the ferry, without edits. Their letters recount their developing relationship and love story over the course of the next year. I noticed in the reading of the letters that while one or more may be missing from the collection, the tale of the growth of their relationship is intact.My mother in-law gave this book its title. It happened in the last year of her life, she paused to think a bit, and then simply said, the book will be called, 'Good Luck'. She felt that it was simply good luck that she and her future husband had met. That it was, a chance occurrence of Good Luck.Elizabeth Leatham.
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ISBN: 9781097445912
ISBN-10: 1097445917
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 8th, 2019
Pages: 180
Language: English